BRBG's Youth Athletic Program aims to inspire young individuals to become responsible members of the community through sports and physical training.

Our program provides young athletes the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching and group-based instruction in an encouraging, supportive environment. This approach allows coaches to help young climbers address their personal goals as they work with their peers in a team setting.

Establishing a strong foundation for future success is key, so our coaches design activities specifically focused on coordination, balance, agility, strength and overall body awareness. 

In addition to bouldering, participants can expect to play a number of traditional sports such as basketball, kickball, and dodgeball, along with dozens of games and activities specifically developed by our coaches' based on their years of experience working with young athletes.

Ages: 6 - 13
Mondays - Fridays from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Participants may attend any or all days classes are offered

1st Day Special: $20
1x per Week: $100/mo
2x per Week: $160/mo
Unlimited Monthly*: $300
*add a membership for $40 extra per month

New members are always welcomed.  Get in touch and schedule a time for your climber to join!
For more information or to sign up...
Fill out the information below and one of our teammates
will follow-up to reserve your child's spot today!

Unlimited Monthly
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