No Man's Land


Black Rock Bouldering Gym (BRBG) is dedicated to fostering a supportive community that desires to #MoveWithAPurpose in everything they do. 

On October 21st from 7 – 9 PM, BRBG (in collaboration with Boulder Broads & No Man’s Land) will be hosting an adventure film festival to empower and inspire our community.

The goal of this film festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, who have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure. Men and women alike are encouraged to attend.
About No Man’s Land
No Man's Land Film Festival is an all-female adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that meets a need and desire to highlight and connect women in pursuit of the radical. No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change. Our mission transcends the films presented; this festival acts as a platform for progressive thought and movement in the outdoor industry. At No Man's Land, we aim to redefine feminine in adventure and sport through film. 

About Boulder Broads 
A supportive female climbing community that meets at BRBG every Thursday at 7 PM. Boulder Broads climb together, ramble together, train together, learn together, volunteer together. All ages and skill levels welcome. Open to anyone who identifies as female or gender nonconforming.
Purchase Tickets Here
All participants will be required to have a valid waiver on file to enter the facility past the reception desk and view the film festival.

Click the link below to fill out our online waiver and save valuable film-watching time!
Digial Waiver
For more information call 602.843.2724 or visit our front desk. 
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